What is Sock my day?

It’s a sock subscription service. Every month you will get a pair of fantastic socks. We only send you quality fashionable socks from all over the world. You can choose from mens’ socks, womens’ socks or you can have a ‘couple’ subscription and then you receive one pair of fabulous mens’ and a pair of womens’ socks in one order, or two pairs of mens' or two pairs of womens' socks.

Who makes the socks and where do they come from?

We source our socks from high end brands like J.Lo, Stance or Urban Eccenric. The socks you'll receive are not only beautiful but also well made high quality socks which are comfortable to wear.

What are the sock sizes?

The socks usually come in 'one size' fit. However, some brands do up to three different sock sizes. Then we go by the size you choose on the order form.

When do I get my socks?

We send our socks every second Wednesday each month. If you don’t get them a week after this, let us know and we’ll solve it.

Can I choose when I want the subscription to start?

Of course you can. We send our socks every second Wednesday each month. However, if you'd like to postpone the start of the subscription then simply write us a note into the comments box on the order form.

How long does delivery take?

From the day we mail it, it should take no longer than 2 business days within the Czech Republic. We send our socks with Česká pošta as a recorder delivery.

What are the delivery costs?

There is no extra delivery charge – it is already covered in your subscription fee.

I didn’t get my socks!

Don’t worry, we’ll sort it out. Please double check that it has been 5 business days since the socks has been sent to you. Then send us an email to let us know and we’ll look into it. Don’t worry, you won’t miss out!

I didn’t like the socks, can I return them?

We’re sorry but we don’t allow returns. We only select what we believe is the best in the world of fashionable socks and we are sure that you’ll love the socks you receive. However if you receive a pair of socks which you don’t like then please send us an email so we know not to send you similar socks in the future.

Can I buy this as a gift?

Absolutely. Sock my day makes a great gift. There is an option to choose the sock subscription as a gift when making an order. You will receive an online gift voucher to give to the lucky subscriber or we can let them know directly. You choose. In that case leave a message which we should send with the first subscription in the comments box on the order form.

Can I pick out the socks?

You would miss out on the fantastic surprise if you knew what you’re getting. We promise to only send out great design fashionable socks each month.

How do I pay?

For the 3, 6 and 12 months subscription you need to pay via a bank transfer. For the ongoing service you need to set a direct debit up or transfer the specific amount each month to our bank account.You will get a unique customer number from us after completing the order form on our website to quote on the bank transfer.

How do I cancel?

Cancel? Really? Oh, what a shame:(
If you have the ongoing subscription then just send us an email and cancel your direct debit.
The cancellation will start the following month in case you have already been charged.

Is this available outside the Czech Republic?

Absolutely! Please contact us for the delivery charges as they vary from country to country.

What if I need to change the delivery address?

No problem. Just send us an email with your new address as soon as possible.